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Copyright infringement notification

If you think that a file on ARGraphic's Website infringes copyright send us a notification of copyright infringement.

Copyright notification protocol

ARGraphic answer all the opinions about the infringement of copyright. After the notification has been received and checked,

ARGraphic can take any appropriate measure as limiting access to certain contents or neutralizing the account of the user in order to solve the infringement. Copyrights infringement notifications must respect the following standards: The signature (electronic or handwritten) of the person posting the notification and information to allow ARGraphic to join her (address, telephone number or mail). Identification of the copyright is regarded as violated. Identification of the contents which alleged like are violated and which are likely to be deleted or disabled. Accurate information to allow ARGraphic to localize infringement. A declaration that the information in the notification is true. The declarations by the part which announced the contents of the violations must also be in conformity with the conditions of copyright notification. If one of the above conditions is not filled, the copyright violation notification would be invalid.

How to contact us  ?

If you notify any abusive content, please contact us at this mail address :
ARGraphic commit to follow the instructions indicated by the codifications in order to assure the setting in conformity with the copyright.
Thanks for your help