Creator handbook

Technical guidelines ?

Requirements to follow when designing your icons.

Create an animated icon

Download and install the software Adobe After Effect.


Create a new composition of 1920x1080px in After Effect, or download the templates here.

Shape layers

Do not use masks, instead make shape layers to to hide some of the animated icon.

3D not work

Do not animate icons with 3d setting. Bodymovin don't export 3D animation.

Preparation for .json export

Create a composition of 1000x1000px. The JSON format is for embedding in your web creations.


Do not exceed 10 seconds. The time of a scroll animation too long will be less likely to be seen.


Your icons must be dissociated by layer and the background must be transparent.


Use code on position keyframes, scale, rotation, and opacity for a fun, or custom animation.

Export an icon in .JSON

Go to "How export an icon animated" in After Effect, with the plugin lottie.

Principles of design

Visual standards of Moveicon icons.

Our teams will check your icons, so make sure they respect our design principles.