How export .Json with After Effect

Technical guidelines to export an Json?

Requirements to export file .json with the plugin Bodymovin and After Effect.

Download and install the plugin Lottie for Web, Android, iOS, and React Native or on Aescript it's free.(Aescript : 0€ and add to cart, you can donate if you wish).

To install Bodymovin for after effect, follow this links


Once installed the Plugin, Bodymovin, start After Effect.

Go to Windows> Extensions> Bodymovin.

A new tab "Bodymovin" appeared.

To add a composition to the rendering, check the radio button in the "Selected" column. You can put multiple compositions in the render.

To set the export of the .json file. Click on the gear in the "Settings" column. You can add several parameters, depending on the animation of your icons.


To export your animation, the Bodymovin plugin offers different parameters.


If you used typography, check the radio button "Glyphs" to convert font to shapes.


You can add a guide to a layer for an animation. If you use guide in your composition, export the layer by selecting the "Guides" radio button.

Layer in Alpha

If you are using a reversed alpha or alpha layer to hide part of the icon, select the "Hidden" radio button.

Other paramètres

The Bodymovin plugin for After Effect allows you to export other parameters. Enjoy it.