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Terms and conditions

The website Moveicon (all domains and sub sections) is managed by ARGraphic.
The images, the logos and animations of the icons are the property of Moveicon/ARGraphic.
These conditions of use regulate the access, surfing and downloading on Moveicon by the users .
Using Moveicon mean that the user accepts the following Terms.
If the user does not accept the Conditions, he must not use the Moveicon.
Futhermore, the Privacy Policy will apply about personnal data.
Moveicon may modify these Terms at any moment.

Terms of use

The user does not have the right to make a fraudulent or illegal use of the contents present on Moveicon.
The users commit not to disturb the good performance of the site.
The User promises not to make actions which will damaged the image of Moveicon
Before making use of the services proposed by ARGraphic, the user must check he has necessary <br />
equipement to take avantage of theses services.
Moveicon reserves the right to publish advertisements (in connection or not with the contents of the website)
which will be automatically accepted by the users.
The user admits using Moveicon under his own responsibility. Moveicon thus refutes any responsibility
about the use of its site and its contents.
Moreover Moveicon cannot be held for person in charge of the damage met by the user.
If the user cause a damage with Moveicon he will be responsible.
if the user acts on order of a company, the company is also related to these terms.
Moveicon is not responsible for the viruses, engineering problems (electric cuts, failure network),
overloads of the traffic, action of third or any other problem beyond its control.

User’s account

If a user created an account it must be recorded by giving a name of user thus a password and an address e-mail.
The user must also provide obligatory information for the recording and maintain them up to date.
If one of information is false, Moveicon can suspend the account of the faulty one.
The user should not in no case to let another person make use of her account.
The user engages not to use the account of different year user.
If a user believes that its account is pirated it must inform Moveicon of it.
If of these terms is not respected, Moveicon can suspend the account of the user.

Third party and sponsored content

These contents are protected by intellectual property laws and belong to the thirds.
These contents are under the single responsibility of the thirds.
Moveicon is not the owner of these contents. Moveicon cannot thus be held responsible or implied in the relations between the user and the thirds.
The claims concerning these contents are to be addressed to the thirds.
The presence of links on Moveicon involve any monitoring of the dependent sites by Moveicon. Moveicon refuses any responsibility as for the contents of a dependent site.

Right of use

The users have the right to do all that they want with the icons downloaded on Moveicon.
Only prohibition relates to a fraudulent or illegal use. Moveicon refuses any responsibility
if one or several users make an illegal use of the downloaded contents.

General indications and address

ARGraphic reserves the right to close the site at any time.
If one of the conditions of use is declared invalid it will be unobtrusive
without that affecting the other conditions.
If you have a question concerning the contents or about the rights of use,
thank you to contact us at the following address or to refer to read the part «Copyright notification».