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About us and our icons

Created by A.R. Graphic, Moveicon or move icon is a web platform allowing to download easily icons animated of high quality in a completely free way. Only one click is necessary for select and upload the icon of your choice.
The icon you download are accessible to any navigation system (Firefox, Safari, Google chrome, internet explorer.) and adaptable to any kind of screen regardless of his dimension. Moveicon guarantee their fine quality whatever the material you employ.

High-quality, simplicty and free downloading are the pillars of Moveicon's commitment.

At last but not least, these icons keep their great definition even on Ipad and mobil.

Time of icons animated is coming

In this day and age, to propose simple icon is no longer enough. All goes more quickly, all is more dynamic. To make evolve the icons thus became a real need in order to follow progress. This is why A.R. Graphic created Moveicon : "I wondered how to make evolve icons and the answer was obvious : animation !". Strong this observation, Moveicon's founder thus imagined hundreds icons animated with the purpose of giving more flexibility and possibilities to the users, for any kind of project.