Creator's Handbook


Technical Guidelines

Requirement to follow when designing your icons


All shapes must be drawn in after effect with shape layers. No image should be inside the document.


The color should be black # 000000. If the icon is in color, you can choose the colors you want.


All files in .json and mov format must be 1000x1000px, but you can also do 4K for the .mov.


All elements of your designs should be separated by layers.

Principles of Design

Noun Project visual standards

Your icons should be well-crafted. Our curation team looks over your icons as if they were under a microscope, so remember to take the time to thoroughly look over them to make sure they follow our principles of design.
  • 1. Consistent Style

    Stick to one design style. Whether that is line, fill, or hand-drawn is up to you.

  • 2. Properly Aligned

    Shapes in your icons' designs should be aligned correctly within it.

  • 3. Clean Shapes

    Your icons should be clean and have no excess vector points, unless done in a hand drawn style.

  • 4. Contain with a Purpose

    If you are using shapes to contain your icons, make sure the inside is transparent. Does not apply to colored icons.


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